The Versatile Blogger

The fabulous Chloe of  This Girl’s City bestowed upon me the honour of receiving The Versatile Blogger Award. I was extra touched because I heart Chloe’s blog and her tweets. I also took it as the swift kick in the butt I needed to finally make me post something on here. (I didn’t post any entries in March! Who am I? I was busy getting my ducks in a row!)

For my part, I’m to share seven random facts about myself…so here we go:

  1. I have a crazy memory for detail. Often, I am teased by my friends about my ability to pull out random facts or recount detailed happenings and direct quotes from the past. I can probably tell you what outfit I was wearing to every single event that I have ever attended. I’m not kidding.
  2. As a kid, I was obsessed with repeats of the ’60s television show The Monkees. I owned tapes of all their music and I wanted to marry Davy Jones.
  3. I am a master at the game 21 and can out shoot all of the best basketballin’ boys and girls I know…even when I’m wearing a dress and heels.
  4. I am addicted to buying magazines; fashion, sports, music, tabloids, you name it. For years, I kept them all and housed a massive collection in my bedroom. It got to the point where my parents forced me to purge most of them, for fear that the floor of my room would cave in. I am currently in recovery for this addiction. The only magazines that I usually still buy monthly are Nylon and Vogue. And I read magazines from back to front, always- never front to back.
  5. I sing at the top of my lungs when I’m alone in my car; my favourites to sing along to? Matt Good and Alanis Morissette. Occasionally I pump up the Britney. I actually prefer to drive places alone because I love to sing in my car and won’t do it if I have a passenger.
  6. The Montreal Canadiens were my favourite hockey team growing up. I was head over heels in love with Patrick Roy. At age 10, I could be seen walking around fully decked out in Habs gear. I had it all, including boxer shorts (which I wore hanging down underneath my Umbros) plus an array of t-shirts, hoodies, hats and track pants. I even owned Habs socks and running shoes.
  7. I often compare situations in life to episodes of Friends. I have been known to insert random Friends quotes into regular conversation. (This happens more frequently when Smith is around.) I tend to speak about Ross, Rachel, Chandler, Monica, Joey and Phoebe as if they’re my real friends.

Now I get to pay this prestigious honour forward. I want to know seven random facts about these babes:


Smelly Danielly

City Cinders

Gus Greeper


Logical Harmony

Alternative Housewife


Random Friday Notes

  • I’m anxiously anticipating My Week With Marilyn, a film about the seven days Marilyn Monroe spent in Britain, away from the limelight, with producer and writer Colin Clark. I wouldn’t have thought I’d be able to imagine any mainstream actress pulling off this role, but something tells me that Michelle Williams is going to nail it.
  • I’m addicted to Tazo Green Ginger tea. I’ve been spending these chilly and rainy days drinking copious amounts of it… occasionally (err, often) supplementing with my other favourite winter beverage in the evenings, red wine.
  • I can’t wait to kick off this year’s Stoddart family Christmas tomorrow morning with my favourite tradition- hunting for the perfect tree in Fort Langley and then decorating it with twinkling lights, tiny bows and all the ornaments we’ve collected over the years.
  • The BFF arrives from Qatar in 4 days. It doesn’t truly feel like Christmas to me until we’re both staying at our parents’ houses down the street from each other.
  • My big thing right now is posting inspirational typography quote posters to my various social media pages (example). They keep me focused. Things happen and don’t always go as planned…but down the line, if you push hard, stay true to yourself and have a goal in mind– you’ll get there. I need to remind myself of this.
  • I want a knit headband turban thing just like this. I’ve become obsessed.
  • A meeting of the minds with interesting, beautiful, passionate, creative, talented and fashionable ladies who also happen to be totally sweet and down to earth is a wonderful way to spend an evening. We must make it a regular thing, Danielle and Alicia.
  • I like guitars, I do. I don’t play ’em, but I sure do like ’em. And that’s that.

Happy Happy Joy Joy


I think it’s important to take a step back every now and then to enjoy the little things in life; take stock of what makes you happy (even the guilty pleasures) and let the small things slide.

Some things that make me happy: blue skies, my shiny new computer (and being a Mac convert), the subsequent photo and video shoots with Photo Booth (obsessed), sushi, making lists, shopping, my pink snuggie, writing, SNL, movie previews, watching hockey, wandering around the city by myself, family time, cupcakes, reading a book I don’t want to put down, weekend brunch, feeling like I have accomplished something, MTV “reality” shows (except Jersey Shore- I do not get that one), fresh sheets, good wine, live music, making people laugh, late night talk shows, basketball games, new episodes of Gossip Girl, wearing a new outfit for the first time, fashion magazines, people who live with passion, enjoying delicious meals with good friends.

What makes you happy?

Random Fridayness

Photo: i love my marc

Photo: i love my marc

I find it ridiculous that my hormones have the ability, in the blink of an eye,  to make me feel like a complete crazed maniac who has been zipped into a fat suit. One minute I’m fine and the next I feel like “fat Monica” and could very easily burst into tears at the drop of a hat. Quel horreur!

I’ve been in full-on recluse mode, having cancelled all of my plans this week  in favor of staying in under large blankets to bond with my big screen tv. I’m planning to break out of this bubble of reclusion tomorrow and become social again.

Tonight, however, I likely won’t accomplish more than finishing season one of 30 Rock. How in the world did I show up so late to the party on this one? Considering it’s a brilliant show that’s basically about my dream job, it’s actually quite embarrassing that I only just watched my first episode last night. Needless to say, it was love at first sight.

Halloween is crouched on its haunches yet again, ready to pounce at our throats. I’m not ready! In truth, I never am, even though I’m obsessed with it. I love dressing up, but I always end up running around like a stress case, trying to throw something fabulous together at the last minute.  I vow year after year to plan ahead, but I never do. I will attempt to create my masterpiece this weekend- or at least buy some kind of extravagant yet lame and grossly overpriced package should I get lazy. All I need is one brilliant idea. Are you dressing up this year? Do you all have your costumes ready?

Time Is All Around

Photo: Mountain Gallivanter on Flickr

Photo: Mountain Gallivanter on Flickr

For whatever reason, somewhere in the transition from summer to fall, I find myself  in this place of reflection. Forgive me. This entry is full-on stream of consciousness.  It probably won’t make as much sense to you as it does in my head, but it needed to come out of me.

Moments of depression and sorrows of heart; these things have formed parts of me.  I carry myself by my heart. I must allow myself the right to error, and to learn from my mistakes. I can’t be too hard on myself for doing those things. I can’t be perfect all the time (no matter how much I wish I could) and nobody expects me to be. At times when my heart aches, or I’m overcome with those bad butterflies, it can be difficult to see the lesson or the reason, but that doesn’t mean that there isn’t one.

I’m finally at a point where I can see how some of those bad roads and unfortunate situations have led me to the right places at the right times. It’s my nature to think too much about things, to wonder and to worry. This has caused me a significant amount of anxiety in my life. Dressing up ugly issues to try and make them prettier than they actually are doesn’t get you anywhere. I’m trying to stop fidgeting and deal.

I definitely have a better notion of wasted time and energy now than I did even a year ago. Life leaves a certain number of bruises on you. We flip back and forth between failures and successes, gaining battle scars along the way. Douglas Coupland said, “Failure is authentic, and because it’s authentic, it’s real and genuine, and because of that, it’s a pure state of being.” And success, what is it? Does it turn us into plastic dolls? Why does feeling defeated hold with it such realism, and succeeding holds with it the obsession to maintain some level of hierarchy in our lives?

I read something years ago, which I still think about, “There are people in the universe who will not get along or have their energy agree. So just walk away, respecting individuality. Kiss off, as they say, because if anything, kisses- even to the air- are beautiful.”

Sometimes we just need to take some time to relax and surround ourselves with wonderful people.