Alexa Chung For Madewell

I’m a big fan of Alexa Chung. I think her stellar personal style is top notch. So obviously I was thrilled when I discovered that she had created a new collection of amazing clothes. With her insouciant, down-to-earth style, it makes sense that Alexa Chung’s first fashion collaboration is with J.Crew’s younger sister, Madewell.

The collection consists of about 20 styles and is slated to launch in Madewell stores and online at in late August.

Consisting of sweet leather booties, masculine shirts made of feminine fabrics and lots of vertical stripes as well as high-waisted shorts, oxfords, long cardis and darling vintage-inspired frocks. As a whole the collection is a  true representation of Alexa’s own style aesthetic.

It’s casual, young and best of all very affordable.  I’ll take one of everything, please.

Photos: Nylon Magazine


She’s Such A Charmer, Oh No


Since everyone seems to have a slight obsession with Alexa Chung these days, I thought it was about time to consider doing some research on her.

She definitely has muse-potential because she is beautiful in that unexpected way I like to relate to. There is a certain free spirit quality about her that intrigues  me.

Alexa Chung is not just  another beautiful face. No siree, this little lady comes equipped with brains and a sense of humour too.  She’s a British TV presenter with a budding acting career and her own MTV show It’s On With Alexa Chung. Alexa  has had columns in the UK magazine The Independent and was recently made a contributing editor of British Vogue. She’s also the brand ambassador for Oxfam’s ethical fashion boutiques and somehow, she still finds time to walk down the occasional catwalk.

She garnered the  “It Girl” label in back in 2007, when she began frequently gracing the “Best Dressed” lists and gaining respect for her quirky yet down-to-earth sense of style.  What I love about her is the girl-next-door vibe, which mixes well with her (seemingly) effortless looks.  She’s charming and honest.

I feel like no matter what she puts on, the style will be copied.  She’s got the simple yet adventurous thing totally figured out.

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