It Started With Some Woop Woop

Jessica planned a special night this weekend for me and some girlfriends to celebrate my birthday. After a delicious glass of Woop Woop at my place (thanks Kristina) we headed over to our reserved table for the 7 o’clock Candy Girl Cabaret show at Maxine’s Hideaway. Maxine’s offers a unique dining and entertainment experience in the heritage space that was once an infamous brothel. It’s Vancouver’s only cabaret restaurant & lounge featuring Broadway Burlesque entertainment. It’s provocative, classy and sexy. The girls dance and sing such burlesque favourites as the Roxanne tango from Moulin Rouge, Candyman and I Want Candy, naturally. Let me tell you, those girls were awesome! And they made me want to dance. I’m seriously considering taking a class at the Harbour Dance Centre after watching that show on Saturday night.

We were treated like royalty and the food and wine were delish. I definitely recommend this spot for a fun night out. The place was packed with birthday parties and stags, which made it a really fun atmosphere. We had a blast! I think it could be a pretty hot date spot too. Just sayin’.

Jess gave me the sweetest card (which obviously made me cry at the table) and the most beautiful necklace. Here I am showing it off. The charm says the word “inspire”…I love it.

When the show was over, we headed to The Lamplighter in Gastown so that we could bust out some moves of our own and shake our booties on the dance floor. Thanks for an absolutely fantastic evening, girls!


Going To The Chapel Of Love

I’m sure you’ve noticed that the updates around here have been rather sporadic lately. Truth be told, blogging just hasn’t been a big priority for me these last few months. I haven’t felt inspired to put much energy into regular content. Life has been busy with, among other things, several days and nights of fun and celebration leading up to my dear friend Danielle’s wedding to Tommy- which happened on May 30.

Rather than go into too much detail, I’m going to share some photos with you. Two stagettes, a bridal shower, the rehearsal and bbq that followed it, a bridal party spa day at Salon Montage for pedicures in the private room-featuring wine and amazing platters of food courtesy of Liane. The night before the wedding, we spent a fun filled evening on the Franco’s patio. We drank more wine and feasted on Diana’s delicious homemade lasagne and then we had a girls only slumber party. I don’t think any of us slept much. We were all nerves and excitement.

As for the wedding itself, once the nerve-racking part where we had to walk down the aisle in stilettos was over, it could not have been more perfect. Danielle was absolutely stunning. She looked like a princess. The bride and groom asked if I would write something to be read at the beginning of the ceremony.

Here’s what I wrote:

Danielle and Tom…

Separately, you are two incredible people, but together you are complete.

“As you sit side by side through the roller coaster of life, remember to scream from the peaks, hold hands through the dips, laugh through the loops, and enjoy every twist and turn.”

Your relationship was carefully built out of commitment and understanding, hope and love. May the same love and caring, warmth and sharing that has touched your lives from the start, always make your home happy, your life complete, and be the guiding light in your hearts.

The whole event on the wedding day was so “Tom and Danielle”… with the “wows” and the chants, the clapping instead of clinking to get them to kiss, not to mention all the incredible circles and singalongs out on the dance floor. My voice was raspy for days after singing to Journey and other group favourites at the top of my lungs. At one point, all the guests at the reception did the wave. I loved every minute of it.

I was so honoured to be a part of Danielle and Tom’s special day. We’re a tight crew, so of course we’re very protective of one another, but we couldn’t have ever asked for a better man to marry our best friend. Danielle and Tom truly are made for each other and we wish them all the happiness in the world as man and wife.

P.S. I did not catch the bouquet.

Boom Boom Pow

On Saturday night, we rounded up the troops for an evening of fun. A limo picked us up after dinner and drinks at Jimmy Mac’s and took us to Foggy Dew where we drank, danced and got our party on. The after-party happened back at Tom and Danielle’s place. Danielle, of course, was happy to make a massive, incredible meal for all of her guests at 4am. She fed everybody (twice) and somehow, we managed to keep the party going until 6am- insanity. Super fun times. God knows that I can’t pull off nights like that on a regular basis anymore, but it sure is a blast to pretend I’m 19 again every now and then.

“The happiest moments my heart knows are those in which it is pouring forth its affections to a few esteemed characters.” – Thomas Jefferson

Frankette Stagette Etc.

I haven’t had much time to document life as it’s been happening lately, so instead I will briefly bring you up to speed with the Coles Notes version. Some highlights from the last couple weeks:

  • A road trip to Vancouver Island with Alfie. Mission: sell, sell, sell! So many of my favourite faces in the industry are over there. Plus we had sunshiney, beautiful weather the entire time, which was lovely.
  • Canuck playoff action, which included pulling out the brooms to sweep the St. Louis Blues in the first round [fist pump]. I’m crushing on Burrows harder than ever.
  • Two nights of debauchery in Whistler for the beautiful Danio’s stagette. We had an absolute blast: shopping, drinking, dancing, watching hockey, hanging out with firefighters, swimming and jumping fences. So many classic moments. We missed our little Lani lots, but she was there in spirit (and provided us with adorable tees, which we photographed each other in- a lot!) I love my ladies so much and can’t wait for Danielle and Tom’s big day next month. One thing is for sure- it’s going to be a massive party! (Side note: the Moms were totally wild party animals. They even busted out their old wedding dresses and danced around to “Going To The Chapel”… it was beyond adorable!)

A Non-New Year’s Eve NYE

Since we agreed that New Year’s Eve is highly overrated, Keira and I decided not to partake in all the hype last night. On the other hand, neither of us really wanted to spend it solo with a cup of noodles and ‘Meet Me In St. Louis‘ either. That being the case, we figured that the evening would be best spent together. With no pretentious parties on our agenda, we were certain that the two of us would have some fun, no matter what night of the year it was, or what exactly we ended up doing.

Here’s how I spent my last hours of 2008:

  • A few glasses of chardonnay at Keira’s apartment. It went down easy. We were both giddy and just a little tipsy by the time we left.
  • Lots of photos.
  • A walk to Yaletown, only to find out that our intended destination, Cactus Club, was closed for a private party. (No offense, but really?)
  • Yummy cocktails, three pounds of Wings and a giant piece of totally out of this world mud pie.
  • Lots more photos.
  • Next stop: Duane’s apartment.
  • More wine.
  • South Park, ‘Young People F*cuking’, Apple TV surfing.
  • Home with pajamas on exactly 10 minutes before midnight. Perfect.

All Photos: Keira-Anne on Flickr