About Me

Jennifer Stoddart

I’m just a girl in the world. I’m a work in progress. I live in beautiful Vancouver, Canada. Come visit, you’ll never want to leave. I love words-talking, writing, reading, learning new ones. My list of passions includes music, fashion, comedy and sports. I can probably take you in a game of one on one. My jump shot packs a lot of heat.

Some days I am bursting at the seams with emotion and I just can’t hold it in. I wear my heart on my sleeve. I smile when I don’t know what to say and when I am nervous. Make me laugh and you’re in the good books. I’m addicted to the butterflies. I write song lyrics and quotes on post-it notes so that I’ll remember them.  I sing at the top of my lungs when I’m alone in my car. I can be oversensitive, overanalytical and extremely self conscious; but I’m becoming more and more myself everyday. I guess that’s what grace is; the refinement of your soul through time. I like sweet talkers, and I believe every word they say. This gets me into trouble sometimes.

I do love the glitz and I do love the glam, but I also cherish the simple things in life. The connections I make with the people who cross my path are what make my life textured and rich and worth living. I believe in letting people leave their mark on you, even if it scars. I love those upside down, open minded, sideways looking people; the ones who draw clouds on windows.

I like not knowing all the answers. I’ll probably always be looking.