En amour avec le Québec…

Last week I was lucky enough to get to travel to Québec and spend some time there with my amazing group of co-workers. It was my first time visiting La Belle Province, and it certainly won’t be my last. It was love at first sight (just as I had a feeling it would be…)

I was ecstatic to finally visit the home of my beloved Habs and to have the opportunity to practise my French again. I was shy at first, but after a couple of days (and initially, a couple of drinks) I was rambling on en français to anybody who would listen. (Just like riding a bicyclette…) We spent four gorgeous days in Montréal before jumping in two rental vans and heading to Québec City, which was as charming and beautiful as I’d imagined.

Retail in Québec is on another level- it’s truly an experience. Emphasis is put on perfect merchandising, excellent service and a kind of product selection that I haven’t seen in the rest of Canada. This impeccable attention to detail is demonstrated very well by Simons; a fashion destination which boasts a mix of cheap-chic styles and pricey designer lines in their stunning stores.

It was a week of working, seeing product, talking marketing, visiting retail, exploring two fabulous cities, eating delicious food (poutine, crepes, Montréal smoked meat and maple syrup pie among other delectable delights) and drinking (yummy red wines and pints of Le Cheval Blanc).

An all around fantastic week, indeed and I can’t wait to plan a trip for the summer time with the bf. Now it’s time to get back to real life and return to eating more veggies and less cheese (difficult as it may be…) Here’s a highlight reel from the week:







Skoah: Simply Powerful Skin Care

skoah-kleansing-lotionCraving some relaxation and pampering, hoping to beat the end of winter blues and get some glow back to my seemingly lacklustre skin, I visited Skoah in Yaletown for my first ever facial yesterday.

I opted for their Facialiscious treatment, as it seemed to be the best for a facial virgin such as myself.

The treatment was 75 minutes long and included cleansing, three masks, a skin analysis, some (fairly painless) extractions and divine massage of the face, shoulders,  neck, scalp, arms, hands, legs and feet. I loved settling into the cozy, heated bed between warm blankets and being given soothing cleansing and exfoliating treatments while I gently fell into relaxed bliss.

My skin felt so smooth and soft afterwards. I got up, got dressed and looked in the mirror, examining my face closely. I couldn’t believe how incredible my skin looked… and without any makeup!

Skoah doesn’t get side tracked with a bunch of unnecessary pomp and pageantry. They give you all the relaxation of a high end spa, without the superficial, stuffy feel. They are laid back, relaxed, easy to talk to and they know skin care. Plus, their products are simple, easy to understand, do what they promise and smell absolutely delicious.

I walked out feeling fantastic. I got the amazing, ethereal glowing skin that I had hoped for and purchased a bag full of products to use at home. Knowing how important it is to take good care of your skin (especially now that I am not in my 20s any more), I definitely plan to make  Skoah “workouts” a regular part of my skin care routine.