Monday Muse: Fearne Cotton

Photos: Zimbio

Fearne Cotton is currently tops on my list of style muses. I’ve blogged about this beauty before but I couldn’t resist calling her out once again for her most recent fabulous outfits. The British belle who presents BBC Radio 1‘s weekday mid-morning programme is photographed daily as she walks to work and enters the studio. Her street style constantly impresses me and I find myself regularly dying over her amazing ensembles, which are put together and accessorized to perfection.

I dream of hijacking Fearne’s closet. It’s true.


5 Reasons: NBA+Vancouver Will = Success (this time)

Photo: Ramblefish

Rumours are flying. They are the kind of rumours that make my heart beat fast, put insta-butterflies in my stomach and make me giddy like a school girl. It seems there’s a real possibility that Vancouver could get a second chance with the NBA. I’ve been singing about this from my soap box for years (seriously, check my archives. I’m like a broken record)… but I’m not giving up yet.

Vancouver was robbed of our NBA team in 2001. As fans of a team and a sport we love, we were heart broken and felt utterly ripped off when the Grizz booted it to Memphis. Dear David Stern, please give us another chance at the rodeo.

Here’s why I truly believe that we can make an NBA team work in Vancouver this time around:

1) The Canadian dollar wasn’t even close to measuring up against the American dollar when the Grizzlies came into the NBA. Now, it’s as close to par as you can get and it doesn’t look like there’s much chance it will falter again soon. We have money in this city. In fact, many of us would like to spend it on NBA tickets. I swear. Give me a team and take my money. The financial situation in Vancouver is much more viable now than it was during the Grizzlies era.

2) There’s never been a shortage of fan support or game attendance here. Vancouver loves basketball. Even when the Grizzlies had the worst record in the league, the building was packed for every game. Lately, I’ve been watching games being played in places like Milwaukee and Memphis, where the arenas are pretty much empty every night. It’s sad. In Vancouver, we sell out pre-season games. We did it before the Grizzlies in the early ’90s when the Seattle Super Sonics came up to play and we have done it in recent years with Steve Nash’s Phoenix Suns giving us an opportunity to watch some live NBA action.

3) Vancouver was able to showcase itself as a world-class city during the 2010 Olympic Games last February. This must have impressed the NBA. I’d like to think that even dinks like Steve Francis would be happy to play here now that we’ve shown the world what we’ve got.  Let’s find some players who want to be here.  I guarantee you there are lots of them now. Plus, David Stern has said that he regrets what happened with the Grizzlies in Vancouver deeply, calling it his largest regret in 27 years as commissioner. He has even been quoted as saying that, “the worst trade in NBA history is Vancouver to Memphis.” I couldn’t agree more.

4) The Griffiths family, who worked so hard to bring the Grizzlies to Vancouver, had to turn it over to Seattle businessman John McCaw because of their financial struggles. This time, the group interested in bringing the NBA to Vancouver is led by successful businessman and Canucks owner, Francesco Aquilini. He obviously understands what it takes to run a successful franchise in this city. Rumour has it that the current wait for Canucks seasons tickets is seven years. Games are consistently sold out. Unlike the Griffiths family or John McCaw, who sold the team to (the evil) Michael Heisley, who then promised to make the franchise work in Vancouver but ultimately moved the team to Memphis; Aquilini, being a Vancouver local with a successful NHL franchise to his name, would provide stable ownership for a new NBA team. This is something that the Grizzlies (obviously) never had.

5) I guess you could say that the way the Grizzlies were run from top to bottom could be used as the manual for “How NOT To Run An NBA Team.” The same mistakes will not be made again. It’s all been done wrong once resulting in lessons learned. A good president and general manager are essential.  Smart draft picks and strategic trading will be key. (Let’s not re-play the Big Country fiasco, please- or Antonio Daniels, for that matter). They will need to have a plan with regards to how to be competitive from the get-go. With the right management team in place, which I don’t believe Aquilini would move forward without, they will be capable of putting together a basketball team that provides a strong on court product. The Vancouver fan base will just continue to grow if we can cultivate a team that achieves success on the court. How can we even truly gauge this city’s potential passion for the sport when we haven’t been given the a fair shake at the real NBA experience?

Tell me what you think. Would you support the return of an NBA team to our fair city?  Do you miss the live squeak of sneakers on the hardwood and the swish of the basketball going into the net as much as I do?

Louboutin Love

Photo: People

Gwynnie sounded amazing and looked smokin’ hot during her performance tonight with Cee-Lo Green at the 53rd Annual Grammy Awards. What struck me most however, were the stunning booties on her feet.  She was rocking the Futura multi-coloured stiletto ankle booties from Christian Louboutin‘s Spring 2011 collection. Let us ooh and ahhh over these babies for a moment, please. I die. Fabulous. And good night.

Photo: Louboutin

Skyscraper of Procrastination

I am moving in big steps-
along paths
rushing into books and words.

I am finding (and re-finding) music that makes me feel it again.
Music that appears in front of me
and my mind goes “ohhhh”….
Like I get it, like it’s a reality.
Like when you realize you are looking into
someone’s eyes and you should politely look away,
but you can’t.

There are people you meet
stumble upon,
happen upon,
chance upon
and suddenly you notice that you
know more than you knew before-
you understand.
Without the past they’ve known
or the past you’ve known-
it’s an understanding of NOW. Of this.

I’ve been reading Rilke.

Rilke wrote that people
should find solitude in one another,
stand guard over that solitude in each other;
find companionship
but not dependence- not giving up, or giving in…
Not lessening oneself to create a pair…
but see the distances, the differences,
the pureness, and the unbroken…

Two people must see each other whole
and against a wide sky.

Monday Muse: Anne Vyalitsyna

With her playful taste in fashion, perpetually changing beauty look and gorgeous figure, Anne V is my favourite model at the moment. Discovered in an MTV contest at the age of 15, this Russian bombshell has modeled for just about every high profile designer. Known for her great smile and amazing energy, Anne V has appeared in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue six consecutive times and regularly models for Victoria’s Secret.

Despite the fact that Anne’s kind of a style chameleon, her core of clothing choices reveal that she loves to make a statement, albeit a sophisticated one. While she goes for a range of colours and silhouettes, she always includes at least one dramatic element in any given outfit. Whether she’s made up or make-up free, hitting the red carpet, front row at a Lakers game or out on the town with her boyfriend (Maroon 5’s Adam Levine), she always looks absolutely incredible.


Photos taken from various sources and are not property of Work in Progress.