Monday Muse: Kate Bosworth

I remember wanting to be just like Kate Bosworth when I watched her play the hard-core surfer girl who fell in love with a football player in the film Blue Crush. These days, it’s safe to say that she’s almost as famous for her incredible sense of style as she is for her career as an actress. She also happens to be dating one of the hottest vampires around, True Blood’s Alexander Skarsgard. (Jealous?)

Kate always looks phenomenal on the red carpet. As a die-hard Chanel fan, she’s often seen wearing gorgeous pieces from the collection to events. Her street style is always absolutely bang on too. She pulls off chic yet effortless and comfortable to perfection. She wears a lot of basic pieces like denim, shorts and simple tops but then adds quirky accessories to create a more personalized and fashion-conscious look. She’s a master at putting together subtle but eye catching ensembles. I very often find myself inspired by her look. Here’s a peek some of Kate Bosworth’s recent outfits.

Photos courtesy of Zimbio.



Photo: Katie Mabey on Flickr

Just a quick word to you amazing readers so that you don’t think I’ve fallen of the earth’s surface. It’s been too long since there were proper words on a page. I can’t believe it’s almost February! 2011 seems to be rushing by so fast- January has certainly been quite a whirlwind. Obviously I’ve been completely neglecting the blog, for which I do apologize. Life and work have been crazy and busy (in a good way), leaving me inspired but without much time to write. Please bear with me. I promise to share some content in the coming days and weeks.

The sky is way bigger than I ever thought it could be

I really can’t see where it ends

Clouds like bubbles in a sink touching my face

Makes me forget how to think

Those Dancing Days- Run Run