November On Shuffle

Music is a total constant. That’s why we have such a strong visceral connection to it, you know? A song can take you back instantly to a moment, or a place, or even a person. No matter what else has changed in you or in the world, that one song stays the same, just like that moment.

At the end of every month, one of my favourite bloggers posts a list of the top 10 most played songs from her iTunes library over that month. It’s a way for her to keep a record of and share the soundtrack to which she is living her life. I love the idea so much, that I decided to be a little copy cat. A hat tip goes to the lovely author of Life Is Ducky for this one.

Here’s what I was listening to most in November:

  1. Slow Show, The National
  2. Heart Skipped A Beat, The xx
  3. Radioactive, Kings Of Leon
  4. Dog Days Are Over, Florence and the Machine
  5. Bloodbuzz Ohio, The National
  6. Dead Hearts, Stars
  7. Dance Anthem of the 80’s, Regina Spektor
  8. The Suburbs, Arcade Fire
  9. Meet Me In The Morning, Bob Dylan
  10. Folding Chair, Regina Spektor

Something tells me the list for next month may be very different. (If my current state of early holiday cheer is any indication…it could be all Christmas music, all the time for December!)


C’est Magique!

I love the look of curls and waves, but I’d never been very handy with a curling iron when it came to doing my own hair. My friend Jenna is the master of creating  my favourite look, or what we call “The Britney.” (For the record, we named this look back when Brit had enviable locks. It was long before the girl shaved her head or had a nappy mane of horrendous extensions). Getting back to the point,  I’d never been talented enough to achieve the look I loved on my own. Until now…

Enter the solution to all of my wavy  hair woes: the Infiniti by Conair You Curl. It’s a tourmaline ceramic styler  with a unique, clamp-free design and a cone-shaped barrel. It creates the soft, less structured curls that I love. No more clamping down on my hair! All you do is wrap some strands around the barrel, hold for a few seconds and then release. Voila! Curls! I gave it a trial run last night and I was pleasantly surprised. Not only is it super easy to use, but the style stayed in all night- no droopy curls, no sections falling out before I was ready to go home. (This is almost unheard of with a mane as thick and heavy as mine!)

Of course, when you’re talking styling, excellent product is also key. One of my favourite products to assist in achieving this look is Bumble and bumble’s Spray de Mode. It’s a totally light and flexible spray. It gives you the hold you desire, while still being very workable. No crunchy locks with this one- just bouncy curls, leaving your hair soft and shiny; just the way you want it.

I couldn’t be happier to have found this little gem of an iron just in time for all the Holiday parties. Two thumbs up for the Infiniti by Conair You Curl.

Winterize Your Style

This time of year, Vancouverites are usually reaching for umbrellas, rubber boots and goretex jackets. Not this week! With extra chilly temperatures, sunshine-filled skies and glistening snow piling up on the local mountains, our regular November wardrobes (made for mild and rainy days) just won’t cut it.

So in the spirit of the season, and in honour of those thermometers dipping below zero all over Metro Vancouver at the moment, I want to discuss some essentials for staying warm and looking fabulous in this weather that feels so very prairie-esque.

1. A warm and cozy parka:  Gregory Pullover parka, Textile by Elizabeth and James, Net-a-porter



2. Fleece Bottoms: Plush Fleece Lined Tights, BeautyMark


3. A cute, fuzzy  sweater: Talula Foxy Fuzzy Angora Sweater, Aritzia

4. Fur boots to keep your tootsies toasty: Women’s Caribou, Sorel

(My friend Shawna knows how to rock ’em!)

5. Cute earmuffs: (I actually thought my ears were going to fall off yesterday!) Cooperative Faux Fur Earmuffs, Urban Outfitters

6. Sleek yet warm gloves: Elliot Wool Gloves, Marc by Marc Jacobs, Net-a-porter

You Know You Love Her

It’s true. I’m addicted to Gossip Girl, but I have to be honest, I tune in to see what the characters are wearing in every episode as much as I do to see what crazy twist the storyline will take next. The show doesn’t need to be realistic because it’s an escape. It’s an hour each week of beautiful people wearing beautiful clothes, throwing out one-liners that make me laugh out loud while living in one of my favourite places in the world, New York City.  And I love it.

Now, can we please talk for a moment about how absolutely incredible Serena van der Woodsen’s wardrobe has been so far this season? She’s styled to perfection in every scene and I want to own every garment, handbag, shoe and accessory that she wears. Le sigh.

One of my favourite outfits is the insane gold Emilio Pucci jacket, which she wore with a hot pair of electric blue Tibi pants and a St. Tropez bag by Chanel over her shoulder. To die for, much?

The preview for next week looks extra saucy! Who doesn’t love a good masquerade ball with a side of  drama?

Photos courtesy of Zimbio and The CW.

Roaring Twenties

Photo courtesy of Squeaky Marmot on Flickr

Fact: The Lamplighter in Gastown has the first beer parlour licence to be issued in the province of British Columbia after prohibition was repealed.
Last weekend, the pub celebrated the 85th anniversary of the historic building it’s housed in- the old Dominion Grand Hotel, by throwing a massive party. Guests enjoyed a day and night of Prohibition-era cocktails, canapés, décor and entertainment, celebrated in true 1920s style. The folks at The Lamplighter really went all out for the event. The place had a wonderful, roaring energy and  looked spectacular. The venue was filled with gorgeous ladies who were all dolled up and dressed to the nines in their finest flapper wear, accompanied by handsome gentlemen sporting mustaches, hats and suspenders.

Chelsea and I had to stop by for a bevy to check out the party. I was thoroughly inspired by all of the 1920s nostalgia. Add Sunday’s event to all the episodes of Boardwalk Empire I’ve had on repeat over the last few weeks, and you get this little tribute post to the glamorous  ’20s style.

I love “the bob” and the sexy finger waves, the evening clothes made of luxurious fabrics -silks, velvets, taffetas and chiffon, the skirts designed to move while you dance, the cloche hats, pearls,  headbands, mary-janes and deep red lips. And I truly adore the timeless beauty of the authentic black and white photos. They really capture the essence of this fascinating time period.

Photos are not property of Work in Progress. They have been taken from various sources. If your photo has not been credited and you would like it to be, please e-mail me.