Picture Perfect

As a teenager, I was in love with Pacey Witter. What girl my age wasn’t? At the time, he was my ultimate dream man. So you can imagine how excited I was one sunny Sunday afternoon this summer, when as I was having lunch on the patio at Local in Kits, the very handsome Joshua Jackson came strolling past with his beautiful girlfriend Diane Kruger on his arm.

Even on a mellow afternoon in Vancouver, without so much as a single  paparazzo on their trail, the two were dressed impeccably. They are indeed one of the best dressed and most stylish couples in Hollywood. The duo is totally adorable and quite obviously very much in love. I can’t help thinking that they could easily pass for Gossip Girl cast members.

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Between The Click Of The Light & The Start Of The Dream

p1090510My friend Di and I were lucky enough to score tickets for the unreal Arcade Fire show last night at the Pacific Coliseum. We may have had fold-up, makeshift seats located in the penalty box, but we loved every minute of the night, nonetheless. And as it turned out, we didn’t spend much time sitting in our seats anyway.

After a show like this, it’s so hard to write a review because it’s truly impossible to capture the experience with a few words.

The enthusiasm shown by each member of Arcade Fire as they ruthlessly bashed their instruments was amazing and created an absolutely incredible sound. From the moment they took the stage, until a triumphant finish 90 minutes later, you were hard-pressed to find an audience member who wasn’t dancing or singing along. An Arcade Fire show indeed lives up to the hype.

One of the things that makes this band special is their ability to balance their huge presence with a haunting intimacy. Their performance offered a revelatory, cathartic, larger-than-life rock experience with a very human, democratic touch. That’s not easy to pull off.

Win Butler, the band’s  frontman, seemed delighted to be in Vancouver, thanking the audience profusely and mentioning that a dollar from every ticket had gone to KANPE, an organization aiming to help put an end to poverty in Haiti.

After exploding onto the world stage, then fighting to keep their identity and dignity intact, Arcade Fire has attained an exciting maturity, and unpretentious mastery of their craft. In a word, they are brilliant.

Personal highlight of the night: Hearing No Cars Go, as it’s a song that holds very special meaning to my heart.

On a final note: I want a tambourine with shiny streamers on it.

Le style de Clémence Poésy

Added to mix of gorgeous Gossip Girls with amazing style this season, is the lovely Clémence Poésy. The French actress, model and all around fresh-faced beauty is a regular in the front row at Paris Fashion Week and a favourite among the fashion crowd. I absolutely adore the  subtle ” je ne sais quoi” factor of  Clémence’s personal style. Her different looks are regularly featured in my online scrapbook as a major inspiration.

This “it” girl, with her perfectly unstudied style and her seriously enviable bone structure, favours a street-smart mix peppered with designer names like Balenciaga, Chloé and Isabel Marant.

Let’s hope B doesn’t run this one out of town too quickly. I think she might be just what  Chuck Bass needs.

Photos taken from various sources and are not property of Work In Progress.

Sweater Girls

Photo: girlfriday on Flickr

“You fellows are always talking about sweater girls. I don’t know what the fuss is about. Take away their sweaters and what have they got?” -Marilyn Monroe

My outfit today is inspired by Marilyn Monroe’s character Amanda Dell, in the 1960 film Let’s Make Love. I remember seeing this film for the first time when I was about 14 years old and just wanting to be Marilyn. She had such as spark! She was drop dead gorgeous, could sing and dance, and she flaunted her voluptuous figure in a way that I had never seen before. I memorized every one of her musical numbers, practicing them in front of the mirror until I had them down perfectly.

When I saw the Flash Is Fast Dress in the Quiksilver Women line for Fall 2010, I knew I had to have it. It reminded me so much of that infamous cable knit sweater that Marilyn had worn to perform, “My Heart Belongs To Daddy.” Of course, this one is the updated 2010 version with a fun, rock and roll edge, including chain detail from top to bottom. My look today isn’t quite as scandalous as the Quiksilver model below, or even Marilyn’s original, for that matter (although, unlike Skinny Minnie model, I do fill my sweater out à la Ms. Monroe). I opted to put on a pair of black Lululemon Wonder Unders (Fall must-have) instead of going with bare legs or sheer black nylons.

Have I mentioned that I LOVE getting dressed during the Fall season?

Photo: Quiksilver

Pocket Full Of Sunshine

Photo: Cinema Blend

Mel and I spent last Sunday afternoon at the movies watching Easy A. I went in with high-ish expectations, and came out completely floored at just how enjoyable it was.

This film’s star, Emma Stone is a genuinely funny human. And she’s funny in a sharp-and-can-totally-build-off-of-a-joke kind of way. She’s witty and she’s got that wry sense about her, like she “gets it” but she doesn’t care if you “get it,” and I respect that. That’s a talent. There’s nothing better than a fearless comedian with plenty of charisma and charm to keep us engaged. She handily carries every scene in the whip-smart and deviously funny Easy A. Seriously, go see it!