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Walking through the door brought me back in time. I could have deceived myself. In my head I was nineteen again.  The world was so small and my sphere took up the entire orb with its spinning. I was the queen of my universe and little else mattered.

I couldn’t fool myself. I’m not the same girl.

Time can be a difficult teacher. My dreams shifted. My plans were changed.  The relaxed path reached rugged passes.

I revel now at the insurmountable.  I rally my spirits for a challenge.

I’m not the same girl.


Just A Minute

Drinking… A giant mug of green tea.

Listening to… Coconut Records (soso obsessed!) and the new Arcade Fire (can’t wait to see them live in September!) I’m also currently loving the latest from Stars and The Roots.

Wanting… A new handbag. Marc makes many that would do just fine. Oh, and a cupcake wouldn’t hurt.

Reading… I’m about half way through Live From New York: An Uncensored History of Saturday Night Live. It’s full of interesting and quirky stories from some my favourite comedians and writers.

Watching… I’m totally hooked on True Blood and Mad Men. Who isn’t? So. effing. good. Sunday nights rule. Late to the party, but I’m also working my way through Entourage from the beginning. This week I’m all about Big Love, which I’m picking up at season three, where I left off. I keep hearing excellent things about Breaking Bad. It might be my next one.

Loving… this summer. Sunshine, beach time, babes, patios, cocktails, kisses, laughs, friends, flowers and oh so much fun. Best summer ever!