Jenny & Johnny

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I just found out that the talented and adorable Jenny Lewis and her equally amazing boyfriend, singer/songwriter Johnathan Rice, are releasing an album together this summer as Jenny And Johnny. The album, I’m Having Fun Now, is due out August 31 but you can download their first single, Scissor Runner, for free at their website.  They are going to head out on tour together in early September starting in California. No Canadian dates (yet), but Seattle or Portland sound good to me.  I can’t wait for the entire album to be released.


Need Some Inspiration?

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Look no further than Ms. Kelly Cutrone.

She is known to people in the fashion and entertainment industry as the founder of People’s Revolution, a publicity, marketing and branding firm. She’s the kind of business woman that I want to be – passionate, successful and  most importantly, honest. She says what other people think, but are too afraid to say. She, as they say, “gets it.”

When I heard about her book, If You Have To Cry Go Outside, And Other Things Your Mother Never Told You, I knew it was a must read. Kelly has long been a brilliant mentor to women like myself,  trying to make it in one of the most competitive industries in the world, so I knew that this book would be an opportunity for me to learn a few things.

I plowed through my copy in one day – it’s a very quick read – but it’s also the kind of book that I will keep within reach to refer back to and re-read certain sections of.  It re-ignited my drive to work harder, be smarter and continue to be successful.  Kelly Cutrone is uber savvy.  She’s a  true master at what she does, she’s been through it all and she tells it like it is. Kelly bares her soul on the pages of this book – not hiding anything, from her quick rise to the top of the New York  scene to her equally quick fall, tales of drug addiction, joblessness and homelessness. Like a phoenix, she rose from the ashes and she shares her experiences so we don’t make the same mistakes – sort of a Cole’s Notes for life, if you will.


I’ve bookmarked many quotes in my copy to look back at when I feel in need of some Cutrone sass. This is one of y favourites:

“In an industry like fashion, people always behave badly all around you, but if you resolve to become a spiritual warrior, you learn to laugh, knowing that other people don’t define you and that ultimately their behavior is just helping you work out your own shit.”

Trust me. Read it.

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California Girl

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Everybody’s changed since the old Laguna days, but even when LC’s BFF Lauren “Lo” Bosworth  first came onto The Hills scene, I have to admit, she kind of annoyed me. I thought she was whiny and needy and mean to Audrina. Plus, it seemed to me that she parted her hair waaay too far over to one side. She most definitely was not one of the reality starlets with a closet that I coveted either. Well, what a difference a few seasons can make, and it’s not just because she’s placed alongside full-on looney tune crazies like Speidi and Holly Montag now. Lo has continued to grow on me. Her style (and character) have really evolved over time and she’s definitely become one of my favourites. Not to mention,  she is hands down (and very obviously) the most down to earth, sensible and sane cast member left standing. Isn’t Lo the cutest?

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Mon Père…

Summer, 1989

Dear Dad,

Thank you for making up the best bed time stories, telling me you’re proud of me every night before I went to sleep, being a master at accents and impressions and always being able to make me laugh. Thanks for tweeting and texting up a storm, being my date for countless concerts and sporting events and for welling up in all the same moments that I do. Thank you for allowing our inside jokes to go on forever and for always making sure that I know how supported I am. I feel so lucky that one of my favourite people in the entire world is my dad.  Happy Father’s Day!

Love, Jen. xo