Current Obsessions

Photo: Sanna Tranlov

Photo: Sanna Tranlov

  • The song Feel Your Pain by Langley boys, Goodbye Beatdown. Love at first listen. I can’t get this catchy tune out of my brain. I’m pretty sure it was the soundtrack to my dream last night. I saw them play at the Fox SEEDs show a few weeks ago and was totally blown away by their amazing energy and stellar stage presence. (Plus, they’re from my hometown!) Perfect gym mix tunes.
  • Joe Fresh Tinted Lip Balm. I’m a sucker for new products, so obviously I had to give Joe’s line a whirl. I love this balm. It adds a hint of colour and since it’s formulated with moisturizing oils, it also keeps your lips super soft.
  • OPI’s  Oh… To Be 25 Again. It’s my favourite fall shade. My fingers and toes are polished to perfection thanks to Vina, my talented nail tech.
  • Lysol Disinfecting Wipes. Since the double whammy strep throat escapade, I’ve become even more Howie Mandel/Howard Hughes-eque with my OCD/ germ-o-phobia. I have spent hours wiping down my entire apartment with these babies, even the floors. True story.
  • The CW Network. It’s perfect timing that my new (and significantly larger) telly is arriving tomorrow morning, because it seems that there’s a lot I don’t want to miss on that network these days. Lame, but true.
  • J Brand Low Rise Pencil Leg jeans. They’re my new number ones. I own more jeans than I will admit, but these have become my go-to pair. Hot with heels, cute with flats, and they tuck perfectly into boots.
  • Roxy Athletix gear. I’ve mentioned this line before, and I will mention it again.  Having a few hot outfits to wear at the gym is probably one of the best motivators a girl can have to actually get there. Roxy’s new collection of vibrant fitness basics—available in juicy shades and great cuts—is a welcome change to boring black. (Bonus: It’s also easy on your wallet.)
  • Braids à la Alexander Wang. A little messy, a little wild, just the way I like it. My mane is getting long and this look is easy. Apparently the side braid is my new thing.

3 thoughts on “Current Obsessions

  1. I have to say I do like cleaning wipes for ease of use, but it’s pretty gross to have that many chemicals on everything. I have used them on my floor but then I worry about my dog who is so close to the ground. Doesn’t the smell kill you?

  2. @Janine: I actually don’t mind the smell of them. I buy the apple scented ones and I don’t find them too overpowering. I mean, I don’t wipe down everything with them every single day or anything. Perhaps I made myself sound slightly more insane than I actually am? I do still use other cleaning products…this is just my latest thing, haha. And I can understand why you wouldn’t want to use them on the floor with the dog, for sure.

  3. Can I just say you looked effin’ awesome in those J Brands on Sunday??? Such an inspiration for those of us who make up excuses not to go to the gym…xo

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