Uh-oh…This Could Be Trouble!

After having my ebay cherry popped last week with the purchase of my very own little black heart, I’ve finally gotten with the times and jumped on the “online shopping” bandwagon.

Whether you’re looking for bags or blouses, sweet kicks or super hot dresses, once you sign up for “sale mail,” you’re bound to be hooked. I discovered a website that’s just like having your very own personal shopper, who is always on the lookout for amazing sales on your favourite designer labels, and in your size to boot.

Let me introduce you to Shop It To Me!

There are 500+ brands that are featured (including YSL, Prada, Theory, Marc Jacobs, 7 For All Mankind, Victoria’s Secret and a ton more …)

The service is totally free and so is signing up. All you have to do is go to www.shopittome.com and create your profile by choosing the brands you like from the list. Then you input your sizes. Shop It To Me will send you a list of items on sale in your size from the brands that you love every week.

Now, how cool is that?

UPDATE: Shop It To Me has been kind enough to include me on their “Trendsetters” page. Check it out and discover a ton of awesome bloggers who love shopping too!

2 thoughts on “Uh-oh…This Could Be Trouble!

  1. i do not know what to do about VS i totally need some new bras but their shipping costs are outrageous. being a book nerd im used to only having to spend 39 dollars to get stuff shipped free.

  2. Wow – this sounds ultra dangerous – not like I’m *not* going to check it out today while both bosses are away…..yikes….;)

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