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Alright kids, it was a long (and somewhat rough) week for yours truly, so that’s why the updates here have been more sporadic than usual. I’ve been under the weather, anxiety and insecurity ridden, questioning everything, emotional roller coaster style…yup, I am a queen of over analyzing…this we know for a fact, as I continue to prove it. Hiding out in the valley for a few days at my parents’ place this weekend has been nice.

Tomorrow night will mark the much anticipated season two premiere of Gossip Girl. You all know how much I’ve been looking forward to it. If you’re a fan of the show, make sure that you check out a new website that I am stoked to be contributing This site is Canada’s only fan blog dedicated entirely to one of my fave television shows. It will feature commentary on everything to do with the hot, dramatic Upper East Siders that we’ve come to know and love- including episode recaps, the latest dirt on the cast and characters, plus the latest info about all the fashion and music on the show.

You can check out my intro entry here.


This Night

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It’s about letting go of something,
until it’s far enough away that there’s no pushing anymore.

It overwhelms, bringing tears


(between the viaducts of my dreams)

It has been too much

and not enough.

If I hang on any longer, I will collapse
I will have shut doors that were wide open
and I will stay the same age while the world grows past me….
I don’t want to have that worry in my heart…

It will still be a memory,
and I will remember every second
of every good bit.
Nothing is lost, for
it was perfect for what it was.

Top Of The Pops

In the coming months, I will have the opportunity to see not one, but two of my favourite female performers of all time, live in concert. Posters of these idols adorned my childhood bedroom walls (along with the hunky likes of Kirk Cameron). I danced endlessly to their earliest pop songs with my friends in the backyard (often using the picnic table as a stage). My favourite concert buddy and fellow pop fan, Kristina G. will be by my side for both events and we could not be more pumped!

First up is Janet Jackson, who will grace the stage at GM Place on September 10th to launch her ‘Rock Witchu’ arena tour. Although Jackson rarely takes to the road these days, she ranks as one of the most successful female touring artists ever. Her ‘Rhythm Nation 1814’ tour was the biggest selling debut world-wide tour in history. I sure played the hell out of my VHS copy of the show. I even taught myself all of the dance moves. I also turned around and taught them to most of the girls in my neighbourhood. The baby sister of a legendary showbusiness family, Janet Jackson has strived to distance her career from that of her brother Michael and the rest of the Jackson family. She has created an enduring image, cemented by groundbreaking choreography that many contemporary pop stars still try to emulate. Many new artists have clearly been influenced by her style and have patterned their own performances after Janet’s. This woman has most definitely inspired me over the years too- her tunes have long been part of my “running mix” and her infamous ripped abs have surely been a motivator to get my butt to the gym on more than one occasion. I can’t wait to see her in action in just a few weeks.

For more information about Miss Janet’s upcoming tour, be sure to check out her official site here.

The next event is something that I have been waiting for just about as long as I can remember. I will finally get to see Madonna live when she takes the stage at BC Place Stadium on October 30th for the Vancouver date of her ‘Sticky & Sweet’ tour, which kicked off this past Saturday in Cardiff, Wales. Hot on the diamante shaped heels of her phenomenally successful ‘Hard Candy’ disc, this tour promises two hours of nonstop hits in a show that features 16 dancers, a 12 piece band, more than 8 costume changes for the lady herself and over a million dollars worth of Swarovski crystals. I remember asking my mom if she thought that the Easter bunny would bring me Madonna’s ‘Like A Prayer’ tape instead of chocolate the year that it came out. It was all that my little heart desired. Wouldn’t you know it, that bunny came through for me and left the scandalous cassette in one of my baskets amongst the colour foiled eggs. I was beyond ecstatic. Always a chameleon, Madonna has reinvented herself a million times over and been able to come across as completely genuine in each new incarnation. Keira posted a fab tribute to the woman often referred to as the ‘Queen of Pop’ recently, in celebration of the star’s 50th birthday. You should read it here. It provides a glorious walk down Madonna memory lane.

For the latest info about Madge and her current tour, as well as to find out when she’s going to be in your city, check out her official website

Tubular Fall Television

Besides the fantastic fashion and latest and greatest new school supplies (which we’ve covered), another exciting thing about Fall is the start of a brand new television season. I admit that with the writer’s strike last year, I completely abandoned almost all of the television shows that I had once regularly tuned in to watch. And some of them, like Grey’s Anatomy, just took a complete nosedive causing me to lose interest. These days, I mostly watch different series on dvd as opposed to watching them when they actually air (with the exception of my guiltiest of pleasures, MTV’s The Hills). This Fall though, there are a couple of shows on The CW that I am awfully excited about. Yes, I know that I’m not a teenager anymore (and haven’t been for quite some time now). I do, however, apparently still enjoy some classic teeny bopper TV every now and then. Worry not, I make sure to pepper it with more sophisticated programming.

Here’s the lowdown on some of the lighter stuff that I’m looking forward to on the tube, starting next month:


Gossip Girl The complete first season was released on dvd this past Tuesday and of course, I picked up a copy of my own. (Just in time too, because I’m all done with the Big Love marathon now, until Season 3 comes out…) What I love about Gossip Girl is that it’s a complete escape for an hour. What can I say? Pretty faces and beautiful clothes plus interesting melodrama can be enough to draw me in. These ladies are amazing. The guys are pretty cute too. I’ll admit it: S and B are my new fashion muses. While Serena works the rebellious natural beauty with tribute to our friend Kate Moss, Blair goes for meticulously groomed Park Avenue princess. Let’s just say the look that Serena Van der Woodsen and Blair Waldorf are sporting at age 17… a bit different than the look I was rocking in high school. I’ve been seeing the tantalizing clips and posters online of what Gossip Girl’s second season has in store for us. Someone PLEASE tell me that they are as excited about this as I am. September 1st…mark it up!

“90210” Like many other girls my age, I grew up idolizing Kelly Taylor, copying Donna Martin’s outfits and crushing on Dylan McKay. The original Beverly Hills, 90210 hooked a generation of viewers on trendy teen melodrama honed by creator Darren Star and executive producer Aaron Spelling. Now it’s time for a fresh, and more provocative revival of the show’s concept. To help spin the spin-off, original cast members Shannen Doherty, Jason Priestley and Jennie Garth will reprise their roles as special guest stars on “90210.” (Yay! I fell back in love with Ms. Garth when she appeared on Dancing With The Stars last year.) The new 90210 era is bound to be full of hot trends and fun, California fashion. Check out this spread in the latest issue of Nylon magazine for an indication of what may be to come. No one knows yet if this show is really worth watching or not, since the network has decided not to release any advance previews or screenings, but there is certainly a lot of hype around it. The new show, which premieres on September 2nd, should be interesting. I definitely plan on checking this revival out-but no promises that I’ll get hooked.

It should be noted though, if the guy in the white shirt above is going to be on it, then that may be reason enough to tune in right there. (I really do seem like I’m 15 lately, don’t I?)

I’m not gonna lie, there’s also a good chance I’ll tune in to Desperate Housewives and Brothers & Sisters when those premiere on ABC at the end of September too.

Photos courtesy of The CW

When I woke up this morning, I thought it was Saturday…

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You can imagine my disappointment when I realized that I was wrong. It’s Friday. (Note to self: change the radio station on your alarm clock so that you don’t ever have to wake up to Kid Carson’s voice again.) My bed was so warm and cozy too, getting up and into the shower was not easy. For a week that started out with me being completely laid up and in extreme back pain, things ended up getting rather busy. I must apologize for being such a delinquent blogger. My back, though far from pain free, is feeling significantly better and I’ve finally managed to get a few good nights of sleep in as well. (Thanks for all your suggestions, folks!)

Thoughts have been swirling around in my head; thoughts about a boy with a smile so nice and a soul so kind, it makes my wrists weak and my heart jump into my fingertips. His eyes are blue and his hair is perfect. He asks questions and tells stories and we relate. I like him.

I finally shut the door completely on the past for good, in a very straight forward way. I’m sure it was about time. I’ve realized that my heart might have been broken- but I am thankful that this boy, the one with the smile- can make it beat faster than it should- in a good way. It’s fun to have a little crush again. I feel like I’m about 15.