In a word? Brilliant.

The light was beautifully draped over his shoulders at centre stage. He looked like a painting, surrounded by the beautiful architecture of the theatre. Champions Of Nothing. Goosebumps. A band behind him, helping him recreate the music inside his head, in his heart, his art. They smiled, believing in where they were and why they were there.

A friend’s music, here to reach people. I mean really reach them, to affect them in so many ways and on so many levels.

Matthew Good took the stage last night at The Orpheum Theatre, and with him for the first time in years, a band. I’m quite sure that I hadn’t seen Matt play with a full band since November 2005, when I attended two back to back sold out shows at The Commodore Ballroom, upon the release of In A Coma. I was beyond excited to see him play in this capacity once again. As incredible as the man is alone on stage, armed with just a guitar and his talent, there is a completely different energy about a full band show that was super fun to experience again. In particular, hearing Hospital Music performed this way was absolutely amazing. Older classics were a sweet walk down memory lane. Matt’s performance undoubtedly went above and beyond even my sky high expectations, as his shows always seem to do. He kicked it up to a notch that I didn’t even know existed. This is what they mean when they say “next level.” Matt’s fans were certainly appreciative. If there’s one thing about Matthew Good’s fans, they are fiercely loyal to their hero. I have connected with some of my favourite people in the world because of a shared love for Matt’s music.

Thank you, friend. We do adore you.


"I’m just waiting ’til the shine wears off…"

Photo: Count Me Out

I’ve been listening to the new Coldplay album, Viva La Vida or Death and All His Friends for the last two days nonstop. I’m in love. I’m actually almost wishing that I didn’t feel like I’m over the ‘weekend festival concert’ hill, so to speak- cause maybe if I was 21, I’d be packing my sleeping bag and tent and heading to Pemberton at the end of July to see these boys play live again. I saw them last at GM Place, and to be one of the best shows I’ve ever seen in a monstrous venue like that means that they’re pretty unreal live. My little brother plus pretty much every second person that I talk to seem to be making the trip up to the Pemberton Festival this summer. I’m secretly jealous, but I will be in the throws of one of my most important selling seasons at that point, so no can do.

Back to Viva La Vida, I think that Coldplay really raises the creative bar with this record. My favourite track, without a doubt is Lost, a song about holding on against all odds. It builds on a simple church-organ riff, a kick drum and some hand claps. The result gives me goosebumps.

Tania did a great review of the record on her site last week, make sure that you check it out here.


"Something from the meatcase, Linda?"

High five to anybody who knows where that quote comes from. I love randomness.

I walked through my front door Friday evening, with a suitcase full of dirty clothes (including a white sun dress covered in red wine) and a heavy backpack of product literature and magazines-my skin glowing from the sun, my head spinning with excitement and ideas. Having been out of town on business all week, I was completely exhausted. Nothing seemed more appealing to me than a weekend at my parents’ house where I knew that I could count on some r&r, home cooked meals, cushy laundry facilities and the best company on earth.

On Saturday afternoon, I loaded up my car with laundry bags and headed out to the burbs. I spent the weekend eating at home, drinking good wine and watching movies with the family; among them The Other Boleyn Girl and Once plus three quarters of Spiderman 3 with my dad because it was on tv Sunday afternoon. I did loads of laundry, slept in, and finally allowed myself to relax. Though enjoyable, this past week was very go-go-go.

I arrived back in the city last night feeling refreshed, recharged and ready, with a ton of clean clothes in tow. Except, I had nowhere to put them because my closet was a disaster. Seriously. It was complete and utter chaos: messy and disorganized. I have way too much stuff, despite my fairly regular efforts to purge my belongings. So I sorted through the piles of clothes, shoes, magazines, and handbags. I even found some things I’d forgotten about because they’d been buried for so long. The result is an organized walk-in, with a rolling rack that I can see again and a big bag full of stuff that I will drop off at UGM this week.

Yes, I just wrote a whole paragraph about organizing my closet…and you just read it. Or if you’re lucky, maybe you just skimmed. Either way, clearly I don’t have much of anything to report tonight. It’s Monday. A quiet night in…reading, writing, watching and listening…I like this night.

Coming up this week: Matt’s show avec band at The Orpheum Theatre on Thursday. Duane is organizing a pre-show meet up at The Kingston Taphouse for those of you down for beer and appy’s before the concert. FYI Ciavarro, you don’t need a ticket to partake in pre-show blogger boozing.

Royal Style

Photo: Pool Party

I have been interested in the Royal Family for as long as I can remember. As a little girl, I was so intrigued and taken by the glamourous yet seemingly down to earth Princess Diana, that I would dress up as her and play for hours. My grandma, always a good sport, would pretend right along with me, and hand me bouquets of flowers as I walked through an imaginary crowd, giving my best princess wave and smile.

Now, it looks as though the late Diana’s son, Prince William may have introduced a new stylish lady into the family.

As Wills’ leading lady, 26 year old Kate Middleton is at the top when it comes to paparazzi prey. She has certainly attracted significant press coverage with continuous comparisons to Princess Diana; and the fashion savvy of us have been taking note of her smooth, chic and sophisticated look. Always looking incredibly elegant and well put together, I completely admire Kate’s ability to look cool and collected under pressure, and you know there is a lot of pressure on the girl.

Miss Middleton is increasingly marking out her fashion territory. She appears modest and beautiful. There is a breezy unpretentiousness about how she looks and what she wears. Smart, sporty and blessedly normal, Kate Middleton may be the first girl next door to become Queen.

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Reaching Up

Photo: Brust 51 on Flickr

My apologies for the lack of updates this week. Being that I’m out of town for work and have been since Monday, I really haven’t had time to spend writing anything worthwhile. I am all full up of words and images and memories and faces, and pressure and stress, and delightful comfort. I have spent time making mental lists, counting numbers, and trying to erase all the fear and all the tension. I have spent the last five days in the company of unknowing saviours, spilling over with ideas and opportunities, and I feel a little more saved than before. I feel a little more comfortable than ever before. I’m part of something incredible.
I fly home this afternoon.