I Love Weekends

It has been one jam packed long weekend, without much time to write. On Friday night, I jumped in the VW and bombed out to the ‘burbs to see Beeuwke, my friend and hair colour master who is just back from her maternity leave. To my delight, she happily pumped up my mane, and made me feel like ‘me’ again. Blondes really do have more fun, it’s true.

The ‘rents came to the city on Saturday to spend some quality time with their daughter. Sunshine, sushi and shopping. Then as a belated Mother’s Day celebration, my mom and I were off to Element Spa for Nails in Yaletown (thanks K) to be pampered for just over an hour. The two of us were treated like queens. We walked out relaxed, with beautiful hands and feet. Afterwards, we met up with my dad again for drinks on the water at Nu followed by a yummy dinner and delicious Spanish wine at Fiddlehead Joe’s. We finished up the evening with ice cream goodness from The Marble Slab. It was an absolutely perfect day.

On Sunday, I hit up H&M for some summer essentials and then it was off to my aunt and uncle’s for a big family BBQ to celebrate all the May and June birthdays.

Today, it’s dark and dreary and drops are falling from the sky, so I’m not feeling guilty about the fact that I slept in until 10am (which I never do) and have spent the rest of the morning primarily watching OZ in bed. I’m down to just four episodes remaining in the final season.

Going back to reality tomorrow is going to be tough…


3 thoughts on “I Love Weekends

  1. What a wonderful weekend! It sounds as packed as mine (although I took two mornings off!)

    Looking forward to seeing you soon! Maybe go for a walk or something šŸ™‚

  2. Sounds awesome! We’ll definitely have an in-depth Oz conversation soon. I, too, am so excited to head to Element on Thursday. Have a super week back in reality šŸ™‚

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