Artists, Activists, Believers- Quiksilver women

How does a brand continue to serve its most passionate core customers and still expand into new markets? It seems to be quite a challenge in today’s competitive marketplace; however, it looks like Quiksilver may have found an answer. The company has launched a new 20-something women’s clothing line that is all about lifestyle but not directly linked to what has been perceived as the brand’s main reason for being- surfing. The collection will be designed for the edgy, independent young woman whose creative approach to fashion appears effortless. Having had a sneak peak at the Fall 08 Collection a few months ago, I can tell you that the clothes are absolutely beautiful. Roxy is all grown up and she’s got some serious style.

As part of the introduction of this new line, Quiksilver has chosen six independent and creative young women to be Visionaries in residence at Quiksilver’s siteLA, a communal work and exhibition space in Los Angeles, California. The program is a year-long engagement for women working in and across creative cultural fields. Like the Quik sponsored athletes, their personal passions echo the Quiksilver spirit: progressive, creative and confident. Although they have been selected for their independent projects, they share a workspace and spend time creating public programs and hosting special events. These women will benefit from Quiksilver’s vast network of resources and will have access to tangible and promotional assistance, as well as mentors who will help them pursue their passions and expose their personal projects. Instead of waves, these babes are riding the currents of art and activism to make creative changes to their communities.

A lucky few will be able to catch a glimpse of the collection next week at the fashion show being held in Vancouver as part of BC Fashion Week. Stay tuned. More details to come.

To get a feel for the vibe of this amazing new line, please check out this video courtesy of YouTube:


4 thoughts on “Artists, Activists, Believers- Quiksilver women

  1. You have a great eye
    quicksilver is very good at doing this billablong too. They are a surf/skate brand but always seem to be on top of trends!

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