We love that basketball…

Photo: MLive

Ok, so it’s not the NBA… but Vancouver is getting a new basketball team. They’re set to play in the semi professional International Basketball League. The yet to be named team will begin playing in the 2009 season, which starts on Friday March 27th, 2009 It sounds like their home court will be out in the ‘burbs where I grew up, as they are slated to play out of the new Langley Events Centre currently under construction in Willoughby. Click here for details about the ‘Name The Team’ contest.
Team owner Jonathan Mara said, “Vancouver has gone long enough without professional basketball since the loss of the Grizzlies and during that same time period there has been a dramatic increase in participation in youth, high school, college and university basketball. The IBL will be a natural extension of the basketball growth British Columbia has experienced over the past five years.”
Amen. As you know, I love any opportunity to watch this sport, so of course I am absolutely over the moon. I will definitely become a permanent fixture at their home games. For more information about the IBL and its players, click here. It’s about time we had some b-boys back in town to support!

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