I could be akin to a shark

I doubt things all the time.
I wait too long.
I let things go.
I procrastinate.
I back away and make it hard on myself.
I let tears fall when they shouldn’t.
But not for too much longer.
I’m working on it.

I don’t know how to live with anxiety (or maybe I don’t know how to live without anxiety)
and there’s been a lot to be anxious about recently…
with money
with work
with relationships…

A while ago, a friend told me a story about sharks. I learned that they are missing the enzyme that produces anxiety. Today, he reminded me of that story and assured me that I could be akin to a shark, that I have the ability to let things go, to think in the moment, to exist in the NOW and to not worry about what scares me most.
That I can stop my worries, be less analytical about my care for people, and stop guessing how the future will unfold.

I guess I needed to be reminded of all this.

Photo: Da Sauce on Flickr


"Positivity combined with relentless motivation is a smart way to get the most out of life"

I realized today that I have never done a tribute post of any kind to one of my favourite women of all-time. This little lady is not only a bright ray of sunshine, she’s also got a unique (although often criticized) style that’s all her own. She’s had more hair colours and styles over the years than we can count. She has re-invented herself and her look time and time again. Whether she’s going for casual cool in vintage tees and Ugg boots, in bare feet with daisies in her hair or rocking high-octane glamour, Drew Barrymore‘s quirky style is always infused with that vibrant and fun-loving spark that has made her Hollywood’s sweetheart. Casual, cool, sexy, glam and let’s be honest, at times down right awful, Drew wears whatever she wants and I have a great respect for her because of it. My favourite thing about Drew is that she dares to be herself in an industry that seems to be trying so hard, every single day, to rip young girls’ self esteem to shreds and turn them into carbon copies of someone else. She marches to the beat of her own drum and wears whatever she feels comfortable in. For somebody who has literally grown up in the business, Drew seems amazingly well adjusted, down to earth and just so…real. Her cute, warm and fuzzy films grace my collection of movies that I will watch over and over again. Her happy go lucky nature is infectious. Miss Barrymore’s positive approach to life inspires me. I heart Drew. Here’s a little look-see at Drew’s ever changing style through the years.

“I’m such a workaholic and so on fire all the time, it bewilders the s— out of me…If you’re interested in something, you have to act on it. When you get ideas, don’t just let them be fleeting thoughts that flow into the universe, so that later you look back and think, ‘God, I wish I had done something about that.’ Just go for it and never be afraid.”

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I always thought I’d be a mom

Photo: The Sun

Happy celebrity news to share! People reports today that one of my favourite babes, the lovely Gwen Stefani is expecting her second child. Stefani and her husband Gavin Rossdale welcomed their first child, Kingston, on May 26, 2006.

In an August 2007 interview with InStyle, Stefani called Kingston “the best thing that has ever happened to me” and said she was eager for another addition to the family. “Obviously I’m in a race to have another, but I don’t want to do it while on tour,” Stefani said at the time. “I can’t wait to get pregnant again. It’s so fun and consuming and romantic.”

Photo: Faded Youth

Perhaps I have babies on the brain this week post Sunday baby shower…either way, the Rossdales are one of my favourite celebrity families and I couldn’t be more excited for them!

I could be a great star, still I’m far from happy

Photo: iano50 on Flickr

I was awake for hours last night, unable to fall asleep, my mind racing. Today hasn’t started out well. I woke up 16 minutes after I was supposed to be at the office because my power had gone out during the night and thus, disturbed my alarm. I jumped out of bed (the one morning that I didn’t set my Blackberry alarm for back up!) and rushed around like a maniac. Miraculously, I made it to work quite quickly despite the blanket of snow covering the city this morning. Thankfully it was a mellow day to roll in a little later, as the snow had held up the majority of my co-workers and I had no meetings scheduled. Perhaps I needed that extra sleep and should just be grateful…(I did, and I am).
I stumbled upon an interview that Rufus Wainwright did, about the way he writes.

This answer was pretty.

Are there any particular emotions that are easy to write about?

Love, certainly. When you have a crush on someone,
when you’re moved by someone’s physical presence,
lyrics come like Mount St. Helens, songs come out of your ears!
The human personality is so gorgeous,
so above and beyond what any of us could create,
that you have to write in awe of it.

Sing me to sleep tonight,
I know you will….

Sundance Wrap Up

Photo: Who What Wear

Along with the weekend, the Sundance Film Festival has just drawn to a close in Park City, Utah. Almost as exciting as hearing what films are getting buzz, is watching who attends, what dramas unfold, and getting to see who is wearing what. I love the casualness of it all. I enjoy the offbeat looks that are often seen at this event as much as the quirky films that are released for the festival. Red carpet gowns are thrown aside in favour of scarves, cute jackets, boots and good denim. Beanies, hats and toques are worn a plenty, as are layered sweaters and shirts. The bottom line is, it is cold, so whatever it takes to keep warm while looking good is what works. Perhaps it’s the departure of the Hollywood crowd’s typical west coast style in Los Angeles for warmer and cozier looks that appeals to me. Plus, the warmer looks are the ones that I can relate to this time of year. No flip flops for me in January in Vancouver. It’s all about the boots.

As far as particular films getting hype at this year’s festival, Smart People sounds like a definite must-see. Starring three of my faves: Sarah Jessica Parker, Dennis Quaid and Ellen Page, this flick looks like a serious winner. Click over to see a preview at Buzz Sugar.

Another of my favourite things about Sundance is getting to see all of the adorable photos that come out of the traditional photobooth. Check out this post from Pop Sugar to view some of the fun shots that were taken this year.

This is just the beginning of a big season for film and awards. Academy Award nominations were released last week, find a complete list here. I have seen many of the films that are up, as always, it’s my goal to see all of the major films that are nominated this year. Oh, how I love award season and red carpet events!