I’m a window, come break in

Matthew Good’s third solo album Hospital Music is in stores today. I have to say, I can barely remember the first time I heard one of Mr. Good’s songs, which was Alabama Motel Room when I was about 15, because I literally find it difficult to remember not being a fan. What I do remember clearly from that time, is falling in love immediately with his voice and his sound. Talk about an artist who has influenced my life…over the years, I have anticipated his album releases, played his music on repeat for hours on end and attended way too many shows and appearances to count. I have been encouraged to educate myself to a much greater degree about human and animal rights, world issues and politics and been inspired by Matt’s writing and passion for his art and beliefs.

This particular release is even more exciting to me because I know the depth and honesty of the content on this record and have come to know Matt as a friend. The first time I heard it, I told him that it was my favourite yet because it sounds the most “him”…
It has been said that “music is what feelings sound like”…that could not be more true for Hospital Music. I played the stream for my parents the other night, and they both fell in love with it too. I can guarantee you that my dad will be out buying his copy today, as of course will I.
Each track drips with heart and soul and you can feel the energy as it shifts through a myriad of emotions. Clearly, Matt had many realizations throughout the writing of this record, many of which are represented in song. While some may say that bitterness is one of the themes, what really resonates with me is the fact that while confronting his past; including all of the pain that goes along with that, he made the choice to end with a cover of Daniel Johnston’s “True Love Will Find You In The End…” What a beautiful, optimistic and meaningful decision after all that Matt has been through.

I encourage everyone to go out and buy it today and wish Matt all the success that he deserves with this brilliant record. I am humbled by Matt’s talents and wish to congratulate him on this incredible piece of work; it is truly a masterpiece.

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· Maple Music – MG Store

Photo courtesy of Dan Lilly on Flickr

Vancouver International Bloggers Drinking Convention

Friday night was the Vancouver International Bloggers Drinking Convention. Though I wasn’t able to make it early enough, a small group met up at Steamworks for a little pre-Blogstock fun, and then it was on to The Railway Club for more drinks and conversation, which is where I joined the party.
I’ve been blogging for a few years now, and through this forum, I have been fortunate to meet some amazing folks. Many of us met for the first time back in 2005 when we had a Blogger Meet Up before one of Matthew Good’s shows at The Commodore Ballroom. Friday night was filled with familiar faces and some new ones as well. The Godfather of Blogging himself, Tony Pierce was in town from LA, plus party organizer Smelly Danielly and Chad Ciavarro (who was sporting some pretty rad, groundbreaking shades which conveniently fold up into a little ball). New faces were also in attendance (some new blog reads for me) including Jag, Patz, Terra, Foxxy and Nome. Plus those ones who I have read and admired but had not met until this weekend: Duane Storey and Corrina aka Gusgreeper.

It was a lovely, drunken evening-many pitchers consumed, some unfortunate tequila shooters and fantastic company.

Photos courtesy of Patz

Have you seen the little piggies crawling in the dirt, and for all the little piggies life is getting worse

The time has come for me to get back to my program. This lazy-ass routine has got to end. I need to whip myself back into shape pretty quick here or else I am going to become a miserable, mucky mess. Wait, I think I’m almost there. Why is it always a million times harder to get back into a routine once you play hooky a few times?! It’s so much harder to follow through after you slack off for a bit. I have missed my pilates classes. I love the structure of going to class. I love being pushed on the reformer. And I just feel so much better when I’m doing it.

My friend Shawna tried to convince me to go to a Bikram’s Yoga class with her tonight…and while I have enjoyed taking yoga classes over the years, the hot yoga absolutely kills me. It’s not the exercise itself that I can’t handle, but the environment. My anxiety is so terrible in that hot, sweaty room…I feel like I can’t breathe, I get dizzy and I worry so intensely that I am going to pass out, that I can’t even follow along. The last time I attended a class at Bikram’s, I had an instructor who was a character Ben Stiller could play in the movie version. He treated the class like a Fat Camp. He yelled and screamed at everyone and told us that torture was the only way to lose our fat asses. While I’m sure that’s true, I was not up for the torment or the stinky, blurry, humid setting. One guy almost got chastised for trying to leave the room because he didn’t have a drop of water left and was beyond dehydrated. I had a panic attack. It was hardly a calm, serene environment in which to balance your energy and replenish your soul. So needless to say, I declined the invite to join the class. Hot yoga is just not for me. Next week though, I start back at pilates. That’s a kind of torture that I can handle.

I don’t know what’s with me this week! I just can’t get motivated. I have no energy and no willpower! I keep finding “excuses” not to go anywhere or do anything. It’s amazing how I can go from acting like I’m an Olympic athlete in training one week…to being little Miss Piggy who doesn’t want to leave the couch the next. I have had absolutely no desire to go sweat on a machine in a stuffy gym in recent days, and a much greater desire to sit on a patio drinking an ice cold beer. Now I’m kicking myself because I feel soft and uncomfortable and I have to parade around in a bikini on the houseboat in a matter of weeks.

I’ve always said that the ability to lose weight is a state of mind- at least for me. Those who know me, know that my weight has gone up and down over the years, at times drastically. I’m tall, so I can carry a fair bit of weight, but nonetheless the scale has gone up or down by as much as 50 pounds over the last 10 years. I have been alternately obsessed with losing weight and being comfortable the way I am. This is why I have managed to go from skeleton to balloon and back so many times. Time to get on the weight loss train again now though. It’s a constant battle for me.

Inspired by Raymi’s Guide To Skinny, I’m going to make some changes.

ANOTHER NOTE: I just found a new “Diet & Weight Loss” application that can be added to your Facebook page. Hmmm…not so sure I want all my Facebook friends tracking my progress to that degree, but perhaps this is a sign.

She aches just like a woman but she breaks just like a little girl…

I couldn’t wait to get home tonight- all I wanted to do was order in sushi, get into my pajamas and jump into bed with my laptop to watch ‘Factory Girl‘…so that’s exactly what I did.

I am a huge fan of biopics. I am captivated by life. This story follows the rise and fall of the legendary Edie Sedgwick. She is the ‘poor little rich girl’ born to American aristocracy and the cinematic muse to pop art genius Andy Warhol. The year is 1965, and she is living every young girl’s dream. Ambitious and beautiful, Edie’s life changes forever when she meets Andy Warhol, the man who will transform her into a dazzling superstar. She has the world at her feet. Every woman wants to be her. Yet, Edie is alone. A fragile shooting star who dazzles the world with her beauty, style and glamour, Edie is one of the great pop icons of the 1960’s. This is her story.

While I know that this movie has been bashed by critics since its opening, I was still interested to see it and would not let myself be swayed. As I suspected, it is stylish and quirky and it completely captured me. Sienna Miller’s performance of Edie Sedgwick is absolutely stunning. Miller never plays a stereotype, this performance is real, heartfelt and compelling. The film itself is an exciting, sometimes upsetting look at the 60’s art world, the superficial idealism of the 60’s and the price of fleeting fame.

Perhaps the true genius of ‘Factory Girl’ is that you actually really feel the shallowness of The Factory world. If you’ve ever been around someone who has narcissistic tendencies (which all The Factory members do), at their core, they’re incredibly dull; but from a psychological and voyeuristic standpoint, the narcissism is what makes the people who inhabit The Factory so fascinating. And if you have experienced first hand the culture of clubbing, fashion, music, art, drugs, etc. in which all is momentary and expendable; and the people are self absorbed and always looking for the next cool thing or “it” person; you will appreciate how this movie really nails it.

I love films about real people, complex characters. Edie Sedgwick was self destructive but she also possessed a real light. She was a vibrant and fascinating woman who really started a big movement at that time. I think that Edie burns out because she is abused and misguided- a true tortured soul. The relationship that she has with Warhol is intense and complex. They feed from one another in opposite ways and strangely, they compliment each other very well. There is a quality in the nature of their connection that I can relate to.

The other element that I must note about this film is the extraordinary fashion. This film is impeccably styled. Edie Sedgwick herself possessed an exquisite personal style. Her look was entirely unique, which I believe was somewhat accidental. She would do these ballet work-outs, and she’d wear her leotards with her black tights, and then she couldn’t be bothered to change, so she’d just put a coat over it. This look caught on and became a huge trend. It was kind of an inadvertent thing that happened. She was carelessly stylish in the most fabulous way.

‘Factory Girl’ has been called, “the sexiest, most provocative film of the year.” I say it’s definitely worth checking out.